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Industrial / Commercial Custom Metal Fabrication

Parts for Your Products

Does your product line require custom fabricated metal parts made by experienced industrial metal fabricators? We provide custom metal fabrication from thin gauges to plate thickness using a variety of sheet and structural metals. Our sheet metal work includes shearing, bending, and rolling metal. We also saw burn and weld steel, aluminum and stainless steel to craft exactly what you need for your project.

We excel in custom sheet metal work for a variety of applications. From firetruck manufacture and assembly to sign products, brackets and more, we can help you streamline your manufacturing process with fast turnaround times and quality custom parts for just about any industrial or commercial product line.

Build / Repair / Install

Need a custom solution for your foundry or factory's air handling system? We specialize in custom fabricated parts and installation for dust collection systems, fume extractors, air exhaust systems, duct work and more.

We can also custom fabricate parts for a variety of operations including foundry hearth and furnace covers, steel trays and hoppers, stainless steel hoods, annealing baskets, equipment guarding, no bake flask assemblies, pressure test fixtures and much more.

Want to add more storage to your facility? We provide structural steel fabrication and onsite welding for steel mezzanines and much more!

Contact us today to discuss your next project. Our skilled industrial metal fabricators can work from your drawings and specifications or help you design the right part for your needs.

Contact us today to discuss your needs. We can work with your specifications or reverse-engineer your process to devise the right solution for your application.

Industrial Metal Fabrication
Industrial Metal Fabrication
Industrial Metal Fabrication
Past Projects

Mechanical Fabrication Group has been providing custom metal fabrication to industrial and commercial operations since 1996. See our past projects to learn more about our capabilities!

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